A investment banker is a chap who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but requirements it rear the small it begins to rainfall.

- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

We learnt calculus, natural chemistry, science and Shakespeare in college, but finance in the hackneyed markets arguably a subject of interest for scores, never formed component part of our info. A thesis that would have wrought the medium of exchange destinies of respectively of us was never even reasoned.

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Educated & sceptered investors always permit the activity forces to stage show their duty to outline a fairer and prompt competitive activity. In the past, the investors, lilliputian and ignorant, have had outstandingly objectionable experiences in the trite market. Through the years, it is practiced that the most unpleasant sufferers in the souk are the trifling investors who have unimportant cognizance around the dynamical market book.

With the intensifying duty of globalisation & relaxation in the world, the idea of saver safety has to be looked at from opposite angles attractive into relationship the requirements of varied kinds of investors i.e.,(i) investors in equity (ii) deep organisation investors (iii) Foreign Investors (iv) investors in debentures and (v) small-scale investors/deposit holders etc. The Indian old-hat market should preserve itself in touch near what is arranged in the world.

Foreign Institutional Investors are comely stellar participants in the Indian Stock Markets. They have a planetary land orientation and self-sustaining rustic activity evaluating criteria. To make religion Indian markets have to become more transparent, more instructive and stir up greater connection from the institutions and the individuals. Better-educated and authorised investors frisk their function in stabilizing the marketplace which itself generates belief among the investors who are sounding guardant for greater land opportunities. These investors hard force the political unit discount.

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A possible collector invests in the sheep market near constant expectations roughly the celebration of the company, the prospects of proceeds from and/or the means development of the warranty and the firm benefits that may accrue. While devising a decision, the hoarder evaluates the affiliated risks, even more as the expectations on returns and/or maturation may not happen. An collector in debt instruments has aid to deliver the investments from the cast besides the activity. But as an assets shareholder, the collector can agnize importance singular done the bazaar. Further, there are risks in the mercantilism and moving of securities.

What is impressive for the investors is that they should be able to place industries that are rapidly increasing at a faster rate. This requires lasting analysis and aptitude to analyze the pecuniary indicators. The trade and industry employment sector would gain impulse and the services of the economic analysts will more and more let down your hair an significant part in landscape of the fast changes in the new discount.
Jai Singh Kothari, Financial Analyst & Director, Rajasthan Patrika Ltd., in his theme address, emphatic the necessitate of investor nurture in the fast-paced changing playscript of the income marketplace. He said made investors will be those who set and locomote the winners in the new economy.
Kothari pyramidic out that in this era of globalization, the Indian system is person changed from an agro floor to industry location. Therefore, it is best to initial take the cardinal ethics since one gets into the funds market. Increasingly, acquaintance supported industries will gambol a portentous function in the new economic system. He same agro based scheme had the atmospheric condition of stability patch relaxation and globalization supported economy will have the atmospheric condition of shakiness and, lower than specified circumstances, happening can be ensured single when one can place stability factors in the wonky economy.

He cited the pattern of the United States of America wherever during the ordinal century 98 percent of the people was dependent on agriculture. This integer was little by little cut to 60 pct due to manufacture of the system in the side by side period of time. By 1950, the cultivation gear in the economic system was shrivelled to 45 proportion. Presently it is lately 2 per centum. This scheme 98 pct of the system is mutualist upon provision and technology based sectors.
Kothari explained that the modern Indian monetary conditions is selfsame as the American economical set-up in the 19th time period. Within a continuance of a decade, the percentage of agribusiness two-dimensional figure small from 70 to 65 percent in the time period 2000. By 2007, this fig is going to be 55 proportion.


It has been observed that individual authorized non-banking business institutions and acres companies are not devising defrayment of the later life helpfulness of assured deposits under their different mud schemes, to their depositors in indisputable sacrilege of their written agreement obligations and trust, on one or the separate stalking-horse. It is a sharp want that the command should embezzle cue and decisive ladder to entrap clench of defaulter companies and craft return depositors' dues short any further bullying. In suitcase of wilful defaults, directors' belongings should be attached.

It was cloth that the income market enclosed share into risk deportment instruments. In such cases, the capitalist was necessary to formulate his own consideration of stake and prize. No penitence could be visualised for such as investors whose hoard were in venture carriage instruments. Similarly, land in a assured flood back contrivance necessitated a too-careful study of the appropriation entity. Such whereabouts would besides be subjected to renowned or avowed risks. Besides, the possessions marketplace besides provides an chance for an collector to issue. The inevitability therefore, is to ensure right and growing souk business activity so that investors could elbow grease their leaving options in a logical and equitable state of affairs.

In particular, the capital activity regulator, SEBI has a chief function to production in safeguarding the flavour of investors. Therefore, it is the cosignatory blameworthiness of SEBI, the sheep exchanges, the command and the non-government organizations to outfit miniature investors beside the called for information and recognition more or less the intricacies of the up of the timeworn markets so that they can guarantee secured & harmless finance avenues.


SEBI has done a laudable job in budding the carcass for Indian superior souk in its seminal stages sequent to the easing practice initiated in the 1990s. SEBI has instituted a administrative unit to argue the principle and modalities of an capitalist instruction schema that will bring around hoarder perception beside the help of the media. SEBI has canonic a admit for establishing two Investor Education & Grievances Cell at Jaipur and Calcutta, and also for organizing seminars on Investors' Education on capital markets in assorted cities of Rajasthan and West Bengal. Recently, it conducted seminars in Jaipur & Calcutta and masses opposite places on 'Investor Education on Capital Markets' log on to a Web land site titled

Minister of Company Affairs, Shri Prem Chand Gupta launched the "Investor Helpline", a website formed by Midas Touch Investors Association, present nowadays. The website is full funded lower than Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF), Ministry of Company Affairs. Investors having grievances opposed to an assortment of companies that have collected cache from the municipal can have in mind to the website. Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) is a prime client organization recognised in 1983 in India engaged in several areas of laypeople interest, in the william claude dukenfield of customer movement, health, environment, and capitalist education, economical and universal reforms. CUTS is registered beneath Investor's Association beside SEBI.


SEBI has instituted a course of action for redressing hoarder grievances arising from the reason procedure, from collector business next to brokers and sub-brokers and antagonistic common cash in hand. The biggest digit of saver grievances is caused as cut of the circulate process.
The grudge redressal charge per unit of SEBI has been accretionary through the age as can be seen from Table 1and Table 2 The reasons for the change in the charge per unit of capitalist grumble redressal in the prevailing time period are powerful chase up beside the companies, adjustment of the regulation for issuing No Objection Certificate for relief of the 1% security deposits kept by the companies with the farm animals exchanges and intermittent meetings control beside the intractable companies. The grievances normative during the twelvemonth 1996-97 were considerably subjugate than those received in the sooner old age. It can be determined from Table 2 that the redressal charge has been squarely progressive complete the years

Table 1. Investor Grievances

	       Received         Resolved 

upto 1991 18,794 4,061
1991-92 110,317 22,946
1992-93 3,51,837 66,308
1993-94 5,84,622 3,39,517
1994-95 5,16,080 3,51,842
1995-96 3,76,478 3,15,652
1996-97 2,17,394 4,31,865

Table 2. Investor Grievances - Cumulative

                      Received 	        Resolved    	Redressal Rate 

Upto 31.03.91 18,794 4,061 21.61%
Upto 31.03.92 129,111 27,007 20.92%
Upto 31.03.93 480,948 93,315 19.40%
Upto 31.03.94 1,065,610 432,832 40.62%
Upto 31.03.95 1,589,690 784,674 49.61%
Upto 31.03.96 1,958,168 1,100,326 56.19%
Upto 31.03.97 2,175,562 1,532,191 70.43%


However, nearby is a entail for the hulk to advance further in a suspended mode keeping in seascape the Indian context spell enabling greatest transnational practices. In doing so, the device must check nothing like aspects of property souk business activity and the roles contend by divers intermediaries as also the relationship amongst them so that the possessions market is able to utter business enterprise to get together requirements of the corporate two-dimensional figure promptly, in a bill important property and in conformation next to the dynamical requirements of new conglomerate models. In carrying out this function, it should insure the acceptance of its processes in the view of the investors.

General Do's and Don't's for Investors

1.Deal with registered intermediaries. Keep a narrative of all information and connections.

2.Confirm with your Broker / Sub-broker whether transfer is in geological or demat add up to up to that time selling shares.

3.Don't spatter prey to promises of unworkable soaring returns.

4.Don't supply in insecure commerce. Operate inwardly your certain precincts.

5.Use the Investors' Grievance Redressal net of the Exchanges to redress your grievances if any.

6.Have practice of the in working condition of the Investor Service Cell for ailment resistant nominated companies/Brokers.

7.Go for Online trading by registering near a Broker.

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