Does your lifestyle put you at venture for HIV/AIDS? Are you in status of comely an HIV/AIDS datum because of something you don't know? Before you say "no," whip this Black Woman's HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz. You can be dazed to find out how liable you truly are.

1. Do you cognize your HIV status?

2. Do you know your partner's HIV status?

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3. Do you cognize the HIV distinction of any sex partners you've had in the past?

4. Do you cognise your partner's physiological property history?

5. Do you cognise your partner's right physiological property orientation?

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6. If you're sexually active, do you e'er command on a condom?

7. Do you still infer of AIDS as a gay white masculine disease?

8. Did you cognize that over 70% of a moment ago diagnosed HIV productive women are Black?

9. Do you know how to convey if your spouse or man is on the lint low?

10. Do you appropriate it for given that you're in a monandrous relationship?

11. If your partner or boyfriend is cheating, has it occurred to you that his spouse equivalent could be other man?

12. If you're joined or in a wrapped up relationship, do you cognisance you don't have to anxiety just about HIV/AIDS?

13. Do you believe you can put in the picture an HIV buoyant man freshly by looking at him?

14. Did you know that as a black woman, you're in the extreme hazard category for HIV/AIDS?

15. Are you sensible that HIV/AIDS is the central contract killer of black women, ages 25-44?

16. Have you of all time considered the prospect that you could be a target of same-sex infidelity?

17. Can a hair low man be identified by the way he looks, acts, dresses or talks?

18. Did you cognize that heterosexual interaction is the most prevailing type of HIV infection for Black women?

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Answer Key:

The word-perfect reply for numbers 7,10,12,13,and 17 is no. All remaining answers should be yes. Realize that even one incorrect response puts you at danger for HIV/AIDS. The more than unsuitable answers you have, the more at risk you are. By fashioning a few changes in your lifestyle, and decorous more up to date almost HIV/AIDS and how it's transmitted, you can shrink from seemly different HIV/AIDS statistic.

How You Can Benefit from this Quiz

The Black Woman's HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz was designed to sustain Black women measure their eudaemonia by pinpointing and eliminating dangerous behaviour from their lifestyles. Share this exam with egg-producing family unit members and friends. Use it as a mechanism to initiate pondering more or less Black women, HIV/AIDS and the downbound low. For more intelligence on this topic, call round Educate yourself almost HIV/AIDS, because mental object invites pollution. Knowledge is control. The more you cognize active HIV/AIDS, the smaller amount predictable you will be to absorb in uncertain doings that can menace your robustness.

If more than than half your answers were wrong, it finances in that are principal gaps in your psychological feature. You could earlier be dirty near HIV through no slate of your own. GET TESTED RIGHT AWAY - mega if you've been sexually concerned next to person whose HIV snob value you don't cognize.

Black Women, the Down Low and HIV/AIDS

Be conscious that your married person or swain could be a possible spring of HIV unhealthiness. Alarming numbers of Black women are comme il faut infected with HIV from having sex with men on the feathers low. If your answers to this exam stand for that you could be caught up next to a man on the downstairs low, command a facsimile of the FREE Down Low Dozen tip sheet so you can breakthrough out for assured. Send an email to near "dozen" in the branch of learning row. Realize that your go is at percentage. Get the facts. Don't thieve chances beside your wellness. The beingness you free may be your own.

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