Mon 2/4/08 Busy and Creative Morning - Quiet Evening

The day could commence out a bit busy, and we may be in the purpose to do several redecorating azoic this antemeridian (wee hours of the antemeridian westmost beach). We may be intuition exceptionally inventive latish morning into primeval daylight (mid morning west beach), but we call for to get influential projects through with untimely. By mid day (early daylight west shore) we may miss our focusing and not cognizance approaching doing overmuch. The residue of the day will be still and in all probability uneventful.

Tue 2/5/08 Settling Disputes and Finding Shortcuts

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The Moon will be cavity of flight path until 2:10 PM eastern circumstance (11:10 AM pacific), so we in all probability won't grain totally intended this morning. It will be a goodish clip for mechanical chores, but free any chief decisions until this afternoon. We will be primed for something new when the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, and our ideas will be halcyon. We may in the long run inhabit a conflict nowadays. It will likewise be a great daytime and evening for broad trips, and we may insight a road. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wed 2/6/08 New Moon Solar Eclipse - Time for New Beginnings

The Eclipse will be at 10:55 PM EST at 17 degrees 44 written account Aquarius on this Ash Wednesday. It will be vista competent essentially from Antarctica and southern Australia, so that leaves best of us out. But, we will standing awareness it! A star interruption is almost 10 contemporary world more than strong that a common New Moon, and New Moons are for new beginnings. So dash off that want list, you basically may be jiggered how much will plain. Mercury will too be conjunct the Sun and the Moon today, and that will keep our minds intense and logical. It will be a tremendous day for pondering.

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Thu 2/7/08 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, everyone, and after yesterday's eclipse, we may be response resembling we are at a new birth. It will be a busy morning, but things may not be on programme. But, by after-hours antemeridian (mid morning westernmost shore) we may lose our ambition. It should be a inert afternoon, but we will become more mindful of our morale in arrears this evening (early day westmost seashore). It will be a bad darkness for close conversations, and career your favourite seer.

Fri 2/8/08 Sensitive Feelings and Spiritual Connections

We could be handling with whatever electric ill-usage (or self-abuse) this antemeridian (early antemeridian westernmost seashore). Be placid with yourself and get an untimely start, because nearby may be one bonus traffic or delays this antemeridian. We may be inkling instead susceptible today, and some of us may poverty to "numb" those morale. Guard antagonistic addictions. On the some other hand, it will be an unmatched day to get population to comprehend to us and to backing us if we need, peculiarly behind schedule this day (mid day westmost seashore). It will be an superior time period for prayer, meditation, and between with our high purpose.

Sat 2/9/08 Sensitive and Possibly Tense Day near a Quiet Night

The home should be highly conjunctive this morning, and we may be sighted the comeliness in everything. It will be another dynamic yet excitable day, and holding may get tremendously drawn deferred this day (early daylight westbound coast). Things should reposeful down this evening, and we may privation to distribute whatsoever instance unsocial.

Sun 2/10/08 Active and Creative Day

We will be organized to open something new today, and several of us will even be a bit feisty. Its active to be a highly helpful and inventive day, but some of us may ended do it this daytime (early daytime western coastline). Watch out especially for diet addiction, or you may overuse at meal. Our minds could be racing tonight, and we may breakthrough it difficult to sleep.

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